Monday, 27 February 2012

That's the true Love!

Love forever
A Girl asked her Boyfriend

GF: Why Do You Love Me?
BF: I Have No Reason.

...GF didn't Like It and Said

GF: No. Give Me A Reason.
BF: Okay... 'Coz You're Beautiful, Caring & Attractive.

...Girl Was Satisfied,

Then One Day She Got Sick & Look Terribly Thin, Pale & Weak...

GF: Do You Still Love Me?
BF: Now That You're Not Pretty & Attractive Do I Have A Reason To Love You?

...Girl Cried...

The Boy Held Her Hand & Said

BF: Now You Understand?

"Love Doesn't Need Reasons.
I Loved You & Still Love You No Matter What Happens."

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